Who uses FastPic.info?

Everyone. Millions of people from all walks of life in many countries. Students, professional business people, moms, doctors, plumbers, insurance salesmen, mortgage brokers, you name it.

Why should I use FastPic.info?

You should use FastPic.info.net because we are simply the best way to display and show off your images.

FastPic.info eliminates the following problems:

  • It is more secure than normal e-mail.
  • You don't have to worry about the size of file and being rejected because their e-mail server won't allow a file that big or their e-mail is full.
  • If you send a file to several people and discover you forgot someone you don't have to upload the attachment again. Simply send the FastPic.info file link to the person you forgot.
  • The download is the exact file you uploaded and no one had a chance to spoof or replace the file with another. Our servers are secure, and after a file is uploaded and you have the link it can be removed but not changed.
  • Now you are able to e-mail out from an internet cafe, friends PC, or while you're at a company pc. You can easily upload the files from the PC and then download them when you get to your destination.
  • Stop being shouted at by your friends saying it took forever to get your e-mail attachment and they couldn't receive or send an e-mail until it's completed. Not everyone is on a high speed connection, and files get larger every day. By sending the link people, can download your files at their leisure when they are ready.
  • Eliminate country or domain blocking problems for e-mail. Because of spam, more and more companies are implementing new rules about receiving e-mails. It is not uncommon for companies to delete e-mail from certain countries or even domains. If someone can't receive your e-mail, just telephone them and give them the file link over the telephone. This will allow them to download the file easily and simply.

What are my benefits?

  • Absolutely free.
  • No special software or equipment needed.
  • We won't lose the file and it isn't going anywhere.
  • Allows download of the file at your convenience.
  • You can download the file again if you lost it or accidentally deleted it.
  • The file can't be removed or deleted by anyone but FastPic.info or yourself.

How often can my images be downloaded from FastPic.info?

There is no limit! We host files which have been downloaded more than a million times.

How long does FastPic.info store my files?

As long as you want to

What is the largest file I can upload?

The maximum allowed file size is 5 megabytes. You may split larger files into smaller archives before uploading.